Sunday, November 25, 2012

Labrador Dog Christmas Wreath

Good Morning Ladies,
I was out and about yesterday. I went and shopped small business Saturday yesterday with my great niece, my mom, my sister, my cousin, and a friend. I had a good time. La Porte has a lot of small businesses to shop. Oh the wonderment of my eyes. I saw the most awesome large standing Anna Lee reindeer at the UP Town shoppes. I did not buy it. But I did find the sweetest Anna Lee angel. She came home with me and will be happy up on the mantle with all of the other Anna Lees this Christmas!
I have a Labrador Dog Christmas Wreath for you this morning....
 This wreath was created using a Labrador dog from a play set. He sits at the bottom of the wreath. I wrapped dog bone twill ribbon around the wreath. Next I added some of my handcrafted rolled flowers. These flowers are spritzed with red smootch. A ribbon and bells top this wreath off.
A closeup of the dog.
You can find this wreath for sale at the Co-op Shoppes in La Porte in booth #25.
Happy Scraps,
Mrs. Swandog

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