Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Happy Hump Day Ornament

Good Morning Ladies,
Wow! It's a cold one out there. My friend came yesterday and winterized my camper for me. It is now ready for winter storage. It will be a long time til spring comes around and I can be on the road again with Windy's house on wheels.
It seems that hump day has been brought back from what... Was it the 70's or the 80's?? I don't know but in my vintage cuts I had a camel. So I made a Happy Hump Day Ornament for you today. And here it is...
This is a one and only. The base is a paper mache' ornament. It is covered in brown card stock and edged with a gold art deco pen. The camel image is from my new stash of vintage embossed cuts. A blue ceramic tile star above the camels head finishes the ornament out. Both sides of this ornament are the same. Blue and brown ribbons with bells are added to the top. The sides are glittered in blue.
The glittered sides.
Happy Hump Day!
Mrs. Swandog

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