Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Coffin Candy Container

Good Afternoon Ladies,
I know I have not posted since last Thursday. I was gone at a dog seminar this past weekend. It has taken me this long to get it together since I came back.
When I left I had painted coffins. Well one is finished. Coffin Candy Container ... and here it is....
This coffin started life as a plain paper mache' coffin. I painted it with black acrylic paint and edged it with a metalic deco pen. I then added a fae cat and bats to the lid.
 Inside on the bottom is a skeleton.
 This is the top and bottom side by side...
And I filled it with gummy body parts.
Happy scraps,
Mrs. Swandog

1 comment:

silvia said...

Super cute coffin!! LOVE the cat image!!! Do u want my address so that u can send it to me???