Saturday, July 9, 2016

Dog Treat Bucket

Good Morning Ladies,
I was messing around of the net this morning so I am late posting. I guess that's not a bad thing because I was watching videos of creating art.
The project for today is Dog Treat Bucket
The photos got a little mixed up in the upload. This is a view of the ribbons tied to the bucket handle.
The pail started out as a silver tin pail. Inka Gold was rubbed on the entire bucket to change it to a metallic blue. I let this cure for well lets just say forever. It has been sitting on my table and I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it. I ran across my Katzel Kraft dog stamps and knew this was what was going on this pail. Each of the four dogs were stamped on watercolor paper and colorized with watercolors. They were then hand cut and adhered to the pail. Ribbons and fibers were tied on to the handle and the pail was filled with dog treats.
 A close-up of the dog trying to look into the bucket.
 A close-up of the Malamute dog.
A close-up of the Basset dog.
A close-up of the Basset dog.
This project will most likely end up in a dog raffle at a dog show.
Happy Scraps,
Mrs. Swandog

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