Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pickled Toad

Good Morning Ladies,
I will get right to the meat of this post or should I say Pickled Toad. Yes I am decorating food again. This drives my family bonkers. It makes me happy and light hearted.
I ordered a couple of halloween stamp sets from CTMH. A shout out to Kathy Anderson who sold me these lovely stamps. I was excited to play with them. I had purchased a jar of peppers. My husband then told me he was not fond of this taste. So they went unopened for a little while till I grabbed them night before last and said I can use these for a creations. So here are my pickled toads.....

These will be going to my brother in law. We like to tease each other...this will be a new one for him...
Hope your day goes well...
Happy Scraps,
Mrs. Swandog

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