Friday, December 14, 2012

Joans Challenge Christmas Box

Good Morning Ladies,
This week Joans Challenge Christmas Box was a whole different experience. Yes, I had a glitter in I dumped a half a pot of glitter all over the floor. On the dog and of course the cat walked through it. I was covered in glitter. I had to call Dave in with the sweeper to get this situation under control. This caused him great stress. Yes, he is afraid of glitter and really hates it. It might get on him. My son was here to watch his dad on the edge. My son got a great laugh as well as I did.
Here is the link to the challenge
The challenge requirements are to decorate a box or container that you can give a Christmas gift in. Here is my box....
 I started with a box I had stained some time back. Well it was so far back I can't remember when I stained it. I do have a love for wood boxes. This was back before Tim Holtz distressed stain came out (which you can buy at Joan's. I love them for staining wood craft projects. But this box was stained the old way... a can of regular stain. Much more messy and a longer dry time. I thought I would create a box for a gift for a man. I used a spellbinder die set to stamp my reindeer on. I then matted it with the same set in red. I die cut the snowflake trees in green. I purchased this memory box die at Joan's earlier this season. I just love it. I then die cut two birds from another memory box die I purchased at Joan's. I have used this bird over and over again. A great die buy! This time I did them in red and added them to the trees.
 This is a lower front view. I stuck with the reindeer theme and used the deer trio die by memory box also purchased at Joan's.
 These reindeer go all the way around the box. Then this is where the glitter came in. I used score tape all the way around the box and added glitter to it. I can tell you there was way more glitter spread around the house than is on the box.
This is an angled view to show the whole effect.
My son announced to me that crafting for me is like Meth .... I have to agree it is an addiction of mine. But I see it as an artful addiction. I figure I can't go wrong with that.
Happy Scraps,
Mrs. Swandog


Memaw said...

Very cool - I love old wooden boxes as well - you made this look really cool.

Pssequimages said...

Wow! What a treasure this is. It's a BEAUTIFUL box! I know you had more fun than anything making it!

Selma said...

What a perfect box for a male. You did a beautiful job. Thanks for joining us in our challenge at Joan's Gardens.

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

My son and husband feel the same way. If I must be addicted to something, at least, I feel it is constructive ...haha I love how you revitalized the box with the deer trio die....wayyyy cool!

Joan Fricker said...

Lori, what a pretty box. Love it! I am laughing at the thought of the glitter, you animals and your hubby. Heaven forbid if he went to work with one sparkle on him. When I had my soap and candle business Jon would drive his Corvette to work and it would smell oh so lovely. Let me tell you those guys were relentless teasing him. I am sure it would be the same with a sparkle or two.

But your box makes up for is just adorable.

I did't mean to write a book, but your post made me laugh.

Thanks for joining us at Joan's Gardens for our weekly challenge.
Merry Christmas to you and your family!