Saturday, March 10, 2012

Yellow Glitter Egg

Good Morning Ladies,
I am up extra early. I am leaving for the dog show at five. Oh for the love of dogs! I am looking forward to a fun day with friends. But before I leave I have a Yellow Glitter Egg for you. And here it is....
 These glitter eggs are perfect for Easter. This one is done in yellow. The papers I used to create the large topper are Washi papers. Washi paper is thin so to give it more body I applied a coat of crystal laquer on it once I had it stamped heat set and cut. This paper give the topper a very different and sunny look.
Top view of the topper topped off with a rolled flower. These eggs along with many  other creations are offered for you to purchase at the Co-Op shop in La Porte at booth 25.
Happy Scraps,
Mrs. Swandog

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melody2542 said...

Wow I love this one! Washi is one of my favorite papers. So colorful and fun patterns. So springy!